Alaska Inaugural Gala

It was an evening of rainforest revelry, a night of wool and sequins, chiffon and XtraTufs.  It was the long-awaited Alaska Inaugural Gala - and boy, was it a sight!

Downtown Juneau's Centennial Hall was a packed house on January 10, and it felt like half of Juneau turned out for the festivities.  And Juneau has never looked so good.  The town rolled out her red carpet for our new Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and their families - and the community danced the night away!

Check out my video below of the first few minutes of the Gala - complete with a rousing intro by the Yees Ku Oo' dancers of Juneau and some wonderful words from Governor Bill Walker.  At the 7:45 minute mark, you'll see Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott (of Tlingit heritage) join the group on the dance floor - a symbolic moment showing pride in his Native culture and solidarity with the Juneau community. 

Hats off to our new leadership team!

The Decor and the Music

Selfies with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor