Happy Alaska Wild Salmon Day!

Happy Alaska Wild Salmon Day! Alaskans couldn't be prouder of their fish, especially Alaska wild salmon. And what's not to love? It's decadently delicious, superbly succulent, and downright in demand!

Here's a throwback photo to my first time doing field work for Fish and Game. This was a chum salmon tagging project at Douglas Island's Fish Creek. I had never in my life been so up close and personal with a fish!

The Rumors Are True...

The rumors are true... Tracy's Crab Shack has the best legs in town!  My Momma and I recently sat down at the shack for a big ol' feast, the Captain's Reserve - 1 large leg and 1 large killer claw of Bering Sea king crab, with a scrumptious side of crab bisque.  And believe it or not, Prosecco pairs wonderfully with drawn butter. 

Tracy's Crab Shack is not only a hotspot for tourists, but it's a favorite of locals who flock there daily for her excellent FRESH seafood.  Check out her unique outdoor setting (and brand new gift boutique) near the Juneau cruise ship docks - you won't be disappointed!

Catchin' Fish

Seafood is king at Seattle's Pike Place Market.  And I got up close and personal with plenty o' fish during a recent trip to Seattle, Washington. 

On my bucket list: catch fish at the market!  I'm not sure how I talked myself into getting chum salmon thrown at me, but once all the tourists were gathered, the pressure was on!  My fave quotes from that adventure were "Wash your hands, Honey" and "Oh my gosh, I'm gonna die."  Check out the video below for more laughs!

With Pike Place Market Fish Thrower, Taho Kakutani.

As if catching fish in Seattle wasn't enough, I had my fair share of delicious seafood.  Also on my bucket list was trying geoduck (pronounced "gooey duck"), a very unique looking (read: phallic shaped) saltwater clam.  The seafood sampling didn't stop there.  From cod to shrimp to salmon, I must say, Seattle has some outstanding seafood!

From Sushi Kappo Tamura: local geoduck tender with mustard greens and shemeji mushrooms sauteed in a sake soy butter sauce.

From Blueacre Seafood: ritzy line-caught ling cod with old bay aioli, buttered crumb, and whipped potatoes.

From Fuji Sushi: salmon and shrimp sushi feast.

The Readers Have Spoken

The results of the 2013 Juneau Reader's Choice Awards were announced recently, and I was happy to see many of my favorite Juneau establishments earned first place spots!

Check out the highlights below, as well as the big long list here.


First Place - Breakfast, Place to Have Lunch, Sunday Brunch


First Place - Beer Flavor


First Place - Chinese Restaurant


First Place - Chowder/Bisque, Crab


First Place - Deli


First Place - Family Restaurant, Pizza, Bar


First Place - Russian Dumpling


First Place - Salmon, Seafood Restaurant