An Awakening

I am not a morning person.  Never have been and probably never will be.  But I have friends who are the opposite, who enjoy getting up at the crack of dawn to read the news or run their dogs or watch the sun rise.  But me?  Get me up before 7am, and I’m ‘bout as useful as a screendoor on a submarine.

This morning in my hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, the sun rose at 6:35am.  I remember those early mornings of warm sunlight pouring in my bedroom windows.  And unless there was a fresh box of Krispy Kremes on the kitchen counter, I had no interest in getting out of bed until the last possible moment.

When I was considering moving to Alaska, the naysayers cautioned me about the extremes, that the whole state is pitch black dark in the winter and 24 hours of sunlight in the summer.  I was pleased to discover this isn’t the case for most of Alaska, especially in Juneau.

I've got to admit though, in the winter it’s tough driving to work in the dark – but spectacular sunrises make it all worth it.  When it’s not raining sideways or socked in with ice fog, the most awe-inspiring sunrises can be seen on the horizon.  This morning, the sun didn’t rise until 8:19am, and these shots were snapped about two hours later.  What a blessing it is to live here and see this glorious view on occasion!

Sunrise over Gastineau Channel