Starry Skies and Wild Lights

Last night was one of those epic nights.   Rare clear skies in Juneau offered amazing views of a glorious display of the aurora borealis.  Juneauites on Facebook were all abuzz that it was one of the best displays ever seen in Juneau - and I'd have to agree.

Below are a few of my photos taken from the North Douglas Boat Launch - my go-to spot when aurora hunting.  My photos don't quite capture the beauty and movement of the aurora.  So please check out Daniel Buckscott's blog, Amazing Aurora, where he posted some of THE BEST aurora photos I've ever seen - and they were shot right here in Juneau's backyard! 

Daniel is the owner of Wilderness Peaks Fine Art Nature Photography based right here in Juneau.  His images will leave you in shock - and wanting more.  Check out his work!