Choose Respect

Juneau's Choose Respect rally on March 28, 2013, was a reminder to us all about the harsh reality of violence against women in Alaska.  According to the 2010 Alaska Victimization Survey, 58 percent of women in Alaska have experienced intimate partner or sexual violence; 47.6 percent have experienced intimate partner violence; and 37.1 percent have experienced sexual violence.  The facts are bone-chilling.  And this tragedy has got to stop.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell is one of very few governors who is focusing on reversing this epidemic.  In 2009, the Parnell administration began the "Choose Respect" statewide movement with a goal of ending the epidemic of domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska.  In just a few short years, Governor Parnell's initiative has expanded to more than 120 communities across the state.  What was prioritized at the upper echelons of state government can be continued deep down into the fabric of this state. 

We need Alaskans to take a stand.  We need men, women, children... politicians, secretaries, oil execs... hunters, miners, mushers... fishermen, baristas, tour guides... Alaska Native men, village leaders, and elders... to all take a stand.  A stand to Choose Respect.

We need YOU.  Join us.