Governor Walker's First Open House

The new Walker-Mallott administration welcomed thousands of Juneauites at the Governor's House this afternoon.  It was a typical rainy Juneau day, with the early night sky brightened by colorful holiday lights and cheerful smiles all around.

Not only was this the first Holiday Open House for the Walkers, but this year's event marked the 100th open house for Alaska.  Today also marks my fifth holiday visit to the Governor's Mansion, but who's counting! 

It was terrific meeting Governor Bill Walker, the First Lady Donna Walker, Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott, and his lovely wife, Toni.  They all seem like wonderful people, and I know Juneau is thrilled to have them as neighbors.  The Mallotts are long-time Juneau residents, but it goes without saying a hearty and heartful Juneau welcome is in order for this new leadership team.  Welcome, y'all!

The line was long, but fast moving.

In case you don't know where you are, here's a sign.

Meeting Governor Bill Walker and the First Lady, Donna Walker.  Such lovely people.

Picture Perfect.  From left to right: Toni Mallott, Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott, me, Governor Bill Walker, and First Lady Donna Walker.

The spread of cookies and fudge in the main dining room.

Big tree for a big state.

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