"Memories of Momma" — A 71 Day Photo Tribute (Day 46)



Christmas 1998: I gifted Mom with a vase I made in high school art class. I wasn't especially proud of the vase because perfectionist me couldn't stand the asymmetry of the pottery, though it did look beautifully made. Of course Momma proudly displayed it on the shelf in our living room, and like most all mothers, she was really proud of this handmade gift.

She's wearing a fuschia/burgundy housecoat that I remember her wearing almost every evening, especially when it was cold. It has a few tiny little cigarette burn holes from back when she smoked, but is otherwise in great condition.

I remember when I was really young, I'd curl up with her on the couch or in the recliner when she'd wear this cozy gown. It was a security blanket of sorts, her trademark.

This housecoat always hung on the back of the bathroom door in our house on Pulaski Pike in Alabama. Nowadays, this housecoat hangs on the back of my bedroom door, in my little home on Douglas Island in Alaska.

It's less soft over the years — but it still smells like her.

*It's Day 46 of my 71 day photo series in honor of my dear sweet Momma who passed away on 03.21.2016 after a harrowing 71 day health battle. Those 71 days do not define her. Oh no. What defines her — and me — are the incredible 66 years that she lived her life. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of the beautiful moments and memories of her life.