Fashion, Alaska Style

Sealskin corsets, porcupine earrings, polar bear claw necklaces, ivory rings – you’re bound to see something out of the ordinary at the Alaska Federation of Natives Annual Convention.  And that’s why I love AFN.  It’s like a fashion show around every corner. 

Impeccable craftsmanship and luxe materials are synonymous with haute couture Parisian runways, and the same can be found right here in the Last Frontier, too.  I hope you enjoy a few snapshots of the Alaska Native wearable arts spotted at AFN 2013.


Beaded porcupine quill earrings made by my good friend, the very talented artist Keeley Kaveolook.  Check out ByKeeley Jewelry on Etsy.

Polar bear claw, ivory, and trade bead necklace.

Ivory and baleen ring - one of my big purchases this year.

Award-winning couture sealskin corset from Indigenous Princess.  Explore their website for plenty o' wearable eyecandy.

Metallic leather and claw spiked bracelet.

Pearl and claw dangles.

Fur Hats, Boots, and Fingerless Mittens

A gorgeous headdress during the Quyana performance.

Is it a beaver or an otter or a fox?  I'll never tell...

Seal, sea otter, and deer leather fingerless mittens from the outstanding artist Christy Ruby.

Kuspuks / Atigis

U.S. Senator Murkowski and I in our kuspuks.  Such a genuinely nice woman!

With U.S Senator Mark Begich.  I'm wearing a one-of-a-kind kuspuk made by my Momma.

Here's a tiny, sweet, and cozy parka.  I need one of these in my size!

With my gorgeous friend, Keeley, who made my porcupine earrings featured earlier in this blog.  Her stunning ensemble was made by her grandmother.