IDITAROD WEEK: 3rd Annual Bering Sea Brew Festival

I'm not much of a beer drinker.  But give me an opportunity to celebrate the Iditarod, Alaskan-style, and I'm game.  This under-the-radar event, the Bering Sea Brew Fest, takes place way out on the frozen Bering Sea.  I can't imagine a more Alaskan location to day drink and hobnob with other eager Iditarod fans.

Fest-goers congregated near an under-the-ice mining tent.

Standing west of Nome, with the frozen solid Bering Sea in the background.

We were greeted with warm smiles and raised glasses.

A bundled up Kevin Burton, head brewer at Anchorage's Glacier Brewhouse, poured us some beers.  Talented fella!

Raspberry wheat from Glacier Brewhouse.  Yummo!

Autographing the brewfest banner.

Semi-frozen raspberry wheat beer.  The key is to drink fast before it freezes!