Boy Scout Beach

With the endless opportunities for adventure in Alaska, I haven't had much time to take advantage of the well-used trails throughout Juneau. After my recent jaunt on a well-kept trail to Boy Scout Beach, I'm realizing I need to do a bit more exploring of my Juneau backyard.

The Boy Scout Beach is aptly named for the nearby Boy Scout Camp.  You can access the trailhead by taking 25 mile Glacier Highway, to the left just before Herbert River.  The 1.5 mile trail is easy, with loads of shady areas, as well as plenty of direct sunlight (when it's actually sunny in Juneau).  And - in the summer - there are countless wildflowers blanketing the meadows.  The word 'picturesque' doesn't even begin to describe this spot.

All in all, the Boy Scout Beach is a must-see - a terrific place to lounge in the sun, smell the flowers, and appreciate God's handiwork. 

Skunk cabbage.  When this sprouts in the spring, you know the bears are on their way outta hibernation. 

A field of skunk cabbage.  Surprisingly, this area does not smell like skunk. 

Clearly, I am still fascinated by bear poop.

Something I've yet to see in Alabama: bear feces.  Yes, it has a green tinge.  He might have eaten a Leprechaun.

A carpet of moss along the towering rocks.  I was tempted to curl up and take a nap.

Devil's Club.  Self-explanatory.  Don't touch this stuff.

I enjoy transparency.

Clumps of moss, high up in the trees. 

I wasn't lacking in fiber after this impromptu nosh. 


Always exciting to run into the Guvnah and First Lady.  Such nice people.

A forest of fiddleheads.

Portrait of a fiddlehead.

Flora and fauna. 


Keeping the balance.

Sandy spot. 

This so reminds me of the white beaches of Alabama. 

The perfect spot to stop off after a long hike in the sun.  The Hot Bite attracts tourists and locals alike. 

I dunno about you, but I can't stand dogs smoking. 

Reese's Peanut Butter Milkshake.  Best treat ever.  For good reason, the Hot Bite is known for their burgers and decadent milkshakes.

I can't imagine a better way to close out an afternoon of fun than spotting a faint rainbow in the sky.  Such a blessing from above.