Battleground State

It's election night in Alaska, and many eyes are on the Last Frontier.  Folks in D.C. and beyond are calling this a "battleground state."  And what are Alaskans calling it?  The costliest election in state history

It's been a beyond busy, incredibly draining campaign season.  Come November 5, it will hopefully all be over.  Alaskans' mailboxes have been stuffed to the brim daily with glossy materials, robocalls have become increasingly obnoxious, and my usual Portishead station on Pandora Internet Radio has been infiltrated by a barrage of ads proclaiming "Don't like this thirty second intrusion? Imagine six years of intrusion if XX is elected to the Senate."

In our endearing "Only in Alaska" way, the hunt for votes has coincided with the hunt for whales.  I, for one, am excited to get back to normalcy, where all this campaign mumbo jumbo fades as quickly as the evening alpenglow.  Until then...