Glaciers + Wildlife Galore = EPIC Cruise with Adventure Bound Alaska!

Looking for adventure in Southeast Alaska?  Get yourself on the Adventure Bound!  Last weekend, I went on the adventure of a LIFETIME to the Tracy Arm Fjord.  I saw some of the most amazing and breathtaking sites in not just Alaska, but the entire world!  Since my words pale in comparison to the magnificence of this trip, I'll leave you with a quote from Adventure Bound Alaska's brochure:

"The inland sea is a jade green.  Icebergs redefine the color blue.  Deeper colors come with the rain and brilliance with the sun.  Granite walls reach to the heights.  Waterfalls spiral from above.  The air is fresh with a chill from the last ice.  Cruise along, watch for bears, mountain goats, and seals.  Every turn reveals a new and awesome scene.  At the end see the source of it all - the twin Sawyer Glaciers."

And since a picture is worth a thousand words, check out my photos and videos below - and get ready to be blown away!

After passing massive and ancient icebergs, there was a foraging bear...

Wonderful waterfalls were at every turn.  I was a bit thirsty when we passed this gusher.

The South Sawyer Glacier welcomed us with countless icebergs strewn across open water.

Harbor seals haul out on the ice.  The fjord is a sort of refuge for them - free from predators like killer whales.  

Captain Steve shared with us a mischievous joke:

A seal goes into a bar.  The Bartender says, "What'll it be?" 

The seal replies, "Anything but Canadian Club on the rocks!"

Those little dark spots on the ice?  Those are seals.

Seals are just dog mermaids.  Think about it.

When we weren't hearing the ice crack at the face of the glacier, we were listening to the song of beautiful Arctic Terns.  These stunning seabirds have by far the longest regular migration by any known animal.

I can only sum up the taste of glacier ice as "salty."  My next visitors to Juneau will be treated to a cocktail featuring this stuff.

The Sawyer Glacier is my favorite of the twin glaciers because it is more active and seems to produce more awe-inspiring calvings than the South Sawyer Glacier.  I can't get enough of the blue.

While cruising back to Juneau, Captain Steve slowed down to allow us to view what they have endearingly termed "The Wall."  For my rock climbing friends, this is your paradise.

The strength of water has impressively carved out the rock at the water line. 

Southeast Alaska isn't just playground for commercial fishermen and eager tourists.  It's a haven for celebrities, corporate bigwigs, and whoever is on THIS boat.  FYI: this is the M/Y Harmony, currently for sale for $36,750,000.  And no, I didn't mistype any of those zeros.

About an hour from Juneau, Captain Steve announced across the loudspeaker to look for sea lions on the starboard side.  Little did we know there would be a gigantic humpback whale off the bow.

As if the wave of a whale's tail wasn't enough to close out the trip, seaplanes returning from the Taku Lodge flew overhead as we cruised down the Gastineau Channel.  This was the icing on the cake for me as I've always wanted to be on the water when a seaplane was landing. 

It was a perfect trip.  Outstanding weather, terrific sights and sounds, all while experiencing the best of Alaska.  What a blessing to have this masterpiece right in our backyard!