Heat Wave in Juneau!

Last week, there was a heat wave in Juneau.  And by heat wave, I mean it was sunny for more than a few days in a row AND temperatures were in the mid-60s.  It was downright BALMY - and a perfect reminder of why we live here.

Switch the 6 and the 3, and that's a more common temperature you'll see in Alaska.  I ain't complaining!

I awoke one morning to find Sonny Bunny lounging in the sun.  Yes, my hardwoods really are that clean.

Bluebird skies = perfect flying weather!

The sun compelled me to construct a small cairn on the beach on Douglas Island.

A lovely after-work hike, followed by a nap in the sun.

Great evening view of the float planes while on a hike at the Juneau Airport Dike Trail.