Mudrooms Defined

A 'mudroom' is a small sheltered spot at the entryway of a home.  It's where you remove muddy shoes and wet raincoats before entering the house.  Before moving to Alaska, I hadn't really ever heard the word 'mudroom.'  I was more familiar with formal foyers and wide open porches, probably because my hometown wasn't nestled in a rainforest. 

Well, mudrooms abound in soggy southeast Alaska.  But the word 'mudrooms' means so much more here in Juneau.  

A few years ago, a couple of inspirational and thoughtful volunteers organized a fundraising event - called "Mudrooms" - centered around Juneauites sharing personal stories.  The idea was modeled after an Anchorage event called "Arctic Entries" and centered around a monthly theme with seven speakers, each having seven minutes to tell their story.  

What began in 2011 as a small intimate gathering in a downtown cafe has blossomed into an eagerly anticipated monthly event that welcomes hundreds of visitors to listen in, both in person and later on the radio. 

To date, "Mudrooms" has raised $60,160, and this Wednesday, September 14 will be the premier event for Season 6.  The theme is "Cheechako," and speakers will be sharing stories of being green in the Great State.  And surprise --- I'll be one of the storytellers!

If you're in Juneau Wednesday evening, please join us at 7pm at the Northern Light United Church (downtown in the Flats).  There will be live music by Njuzu Marimbas, and a $7 cash donation will be collected for the Zach Gordon Youth Center.  If you can't make it, just listen in later to the online archives.  

There are some great stories out there, just waiting to be heard.