North Pole, Alaska

Three things you need to know about North Pole, Alaska:

1. It's easily accessible - only a short drive from Fairbanks.

2. The spirit of Christmas and Santa Claus is still alive.

3. Purchasing property can be ridiculously cheap!

I was in Fairbanks this week and decided to visit the North Pole.  Well, not THE North Pole, but North Pole, Alaska, a suburb outside of the second largest city in the state. 

It's difficult to imagine something more synonymous with the North Pole than Santa and his reindeer, sleigh, and jolly laughter.  You can find all this and more at the Santa Claus House, built way back in 1949.  Kiddos from across the world mail their letters to Santa to this locale.  Eager parents can even place an order for an original letter from Santa - complete with a genuine North Pole postmark. 

What I found most interesting about this magical place was the fact that I could own a piece of the action.  So I purchased one square inch of North Pole, Alaska - Lot 56, Block 3507 to be more specific!  I know what you're thinking.  And yes, there's a way.  You, too, can get your very own deed to your very own North Pole property here.  I own a spot in Southeast Alaska, but there's nothing quite like having a toehold in the far North.  :-)

The deed to my expansive property.

Santa's House

Playing tourist on Santa's sleigh.  Too bad there wasn't a dog sled attached.

Santa's reindeer have strict diets.  I was told the fella in the background is the oldest reindeer in captivity.


Stealing Santa's chair.  The elf got creeped out when I pointed to him.

"I want one so so so so so so so badly!  I wanted to write more so's but I have to write more and I won't beablel to fit it."

A letter from Lithuania.  Little Miss Gabriele grew up to become her country's penmanship laureate.

Has your kid been naughty this year?  A fear-inducing letter from Santa should do the trick.