Talkin' Tuesday: How to Speak Like an Alaskan

(blogging to you today from Birmingham, Alabama)

"Down South"

phrase: an Alaskan's way of referring to the Lower 48.   Also known as the place of unlimited shopping choices, terrific eateries, and warmer temperatures.  Also generally known for traffic and tornadoes.

Example: "I can't wait to fly Down South and catch up on my retail therapy at Saks 5th Avenue!"

Not to be confused with "The South" - land of Chick-Fil-A, Krispy Kreme, and unlimited Southern twang.

According to Alaskans, "The South" is "Down South."

Something Alaskans can only find "Down South" - Krispy Kreme MILKSHAKES!

Fancy footwear you'll likely only find "Down South."  (Sorry, Alaskan fashionistas, but Christian Louboutin doesn't sell stiletto ice grippers.)