Tennessee Kinfolk on Christmas Day

My Dad was born and raised in Warren County, Tennessee, and most of the family still lives in Centertown.  I hadn’t been back to the Volunteer State since the summer of 2011, when I traveled to the family farm to spread my Dad’s ashes.  Being back in the area brought back bittersweet memories of when we finally put my Dad to rest. 

Needless to say, it was nice reconnecting with my Kinfolk.

A cow mailbox, a charming farm.

Fried pies.  Ridiculously tasty.  Heart attack on a plate.

Sitting down with the family.  Aunt Reba, Uncle Pug, and Uncle Junior (left to right).

Uncle Pug in his Sunday shirt. 

Uncle Junior and his big grin.  I love his smile.  He reminds me so much of my Dad.

With my cousins, Tim and Ronnie.  Good people.

With my Dad's brothers and sisters.  They are a spittin' image of my Dad.  And I adore the fact that all four of us are wearing plaid flannel.

Uncle Pug and Uncle Junior.

Sweet family.

A country cat. 

The family farm.

A sweet cake at my Aunt Ruby's house.

The headstone my Uncle Pug had made to commemorate the area where my Dad's ashes were spread.

Meanwhile, in Tennessee.

Back in Bama.

Cotton fields at the Tennessee/Alabama line.