Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Alaska Style!

Talk about the sky being the limit!  Alaska Zipline Adventures certainly knows how to pump up the adrenaline and make the spirit soar!  Voted by National Geographic as the "Best Thrill" in Alaska, this zipline tour gave me the thrill of a lifetime and sent my heart aflutter - both literally and figuratively.  I loved every second of it.  Check out my videos and photos below, and visit Alaska Zipline Adventures to book your own breathtaking experience!

The Welcome Center is located at the Eaglecrest Ski Area on Douglas Island.  Picture perfect location, if you ask me. 

Suiting up.

Bird's eye view.

Catching my breath after crossing the suspension bridge. 

Bear spotting!

Refreshments served in a carabiner cup. 

I soooo wanted to take this cup home with me!

Several of the tree-top platforms were themed to give visitors a little insider knowledge about Alaska.  This informational sign featured my favorite Alaska sport: dog sledding. 

I was tempted to wear my stilettos, but alas - my Vibram FiveFingers were the footwear for the day. 

Happy Hour in the trees. 

Axe throwing time! 

I barely hit the target.


I had the pleasure of being on the tour with a few fellow Southern Belles.  They were easy to spot in their Alabama and Auburn shirts.  Hearing their Southern drawls brought back fond memories of home - and prompted my own Southern slang to come back to the surface.  Yeehaw!