Raw, roasted, steamed.  Fried, scalloped, stewed.  Baked, stuffed, boiled.  Marinated, poached, sautéed. 

No matter how you cook them, oysters are delicious.  And oysters from Alaska - well, they're primo.

Haa Aani (HAH AH'-nee) and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute recently hosted the Second Annual OysterFest in Juneau.  Alaska-grown oysters were featured, and executive chef Sandy Ingber from the Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant in New York City was on hand for the festivities. 

As if all of that wasn't entertainment enough, a beer garden sponsored by Alaska Brewing Company provided the perfect backdrop, and the evening included an Oyster Crawl to local restaurants.   Oh, and there was sunshine.  Lots and lots o' sunshine!

Downtown at the Sealaska Corporation parking lot. 

Fresh seafood, practically from our backyard.

Chef Ingber preparing oyster shooters.

The barbequed oysters were my favorite! 

After filling my belly with yummy oysters, I strolled downtown with my friends, Mary and Chris, and we found a sunny spot at the Flight Deck to sit, nosh, and watch the floatplanes return to the Gastineau Channel.  It was a terrific seafood-filled Saturday.

King crab cones.  

Creamy decadent goodness.