The Governor, a Picnic, and Rainbows

When I was growing up in Alabama, one wouldn't dream of an open-to-the-public picnic with the Governor and the First Lady.  It just didn't happen.  But up here in Alaska, the Governor has a family-style picnic not just in the capital city, but throughout many locations across our great state.  The 2013 Governor's Family Picnic in Juneau at Sandy Beach was hosted by lots of volunteers and proved that Alaskans can have fun - rain or shine!

Members of the Governor's Cabinet were on hand to serve the public scrumptious Alaska WILD salmon. 

With Governor Sean Parnell

Double rainbows over Gastineau Channel. 

With Department of Public Safety Commissioner Joseph A. Masters

A woman... at the end of her rainbow. 

This very artistic photo was created by my awesome friend, Deb Quinn.  Thanks, Deb! 

And my - oh my - how time flies... here's an old photo of me and Governor Parnell at the 2009 picnic - right after he became governor.  2009 was also my first year in Alaska (and I was about 60 pounds heavier).  What a difference four years makes!