Sleepless in Seattle

One of the awesome things about living in Juneau is the proximity to major cities like Seattle.  Since Washington State is just a hop, skip, and a jump from Juneau (read: 2 hour plane ride), I decided to make the most of my summer vacation and traveled to explore the Emerald City and much of the northern Washington coast.

Highlights from the Seattle leg of my trip were third row seats at a Seattle Mariners baseball game, perfect weather for Seafair Weekend, and of course the visual potpourri at the Pike Place Market.

Funny thing about Seattle is that despite the city being notorious for its gloomy rainy weather, I was blessed with blue skies and sunshine the entire trip. 

It was also the perfect weekend to check out Seafair and soak up the sun and sights along the Puget Sound.  The airshow, hydroplane racing, and Budweiser Clydesdales were so awesome to see first-hand.  

A visit to the Pike Place Market never disappoints.  I can't get enough of the hustle and bustle action, the fish tossing, and all the scrumptious treats.  The best part of my visit to the Market was feasting on the "Oh My God" peaches that were so amazing I literally had peach juice dripping down my hands and arms.  Messy, but oh so delicious.  And of course I had to visit the Market a second time - right before heading back to the airport - so I could bring back yummy fruit to friends in Juneau.  With the exorbitant price and lack of freshness of produce in Alaska, fruits and veggies from Washington State make excellent gifts to Alaskans and are met with open arms and big smiles.

Though sad to leave Seattle, I was blessed to have a great seat and awesome service as traveling back to Southeast Alaska on Alaska Airlines.  And best of all, the sun shone on my face as we landed in Juneau - a welcome change from the usual rainforest climate.