The Trip in Which I Flail My Arms Like T-Rex

While in Washington State on vacation, I decided to take a bit of a road trip up north to a little city called Sequim (pronounced Skwim).  They say it's always sunny in Sequim, which was thankfully the case during my visit.  The city is also the Lavender Capital of North America, and you can smell its freshness in the air. 

What drew me to Sequim that day was not the lavender, but rather the Olympic Game Farm.  No, it's not a haven for retired athletes from past Olympic games.  It's home of the waving bears, a little tucked away gem where you can get face to face with wildlife.  And face to face is exactly what happened.

It took me weeks to regain my composure from my up-close-and-personal tour.  Still, I can't look at an American bison or a loaf of bread the same way again.  It was definitely a giggle-filled adventure of a lifetime!