"Memories of Momma" — A 71 Day Photo Tribute (Day 15)



I love this candid photo of my Mom as a 12 year old goofing off in the family room. Mom grew up in Athens, Alabama, in a small two bedroom home near the college. She had an older sister, Anna Faye, and I believe they shared a bedroom, which you can see in the background of this picture.

I look back to this photograph and think how it must have been a big deal for them back in that day to have both a television and a set of encyclopedias. When I was weeding through the boxfuls of photos I inherited from Mom, I almost skimmed over and skipped this one, not thinking very much of it — but there was one thing in particular that caught my eye.

I recognized the clock on the top shelf of the bookcase. I noticed it because it had been on my parents' fireplace mantle when I was growing up. I never knew the history behind it or where it came from — but now I at least know that the clock was in my Mom's family long before she ever met my Dad.

And now, the clock rests on the top shelf of my tall bookcase, all the way up here in Juneau, Alaska. I know Mom is proud I kept it. And one day, I will give it to my kids.

 *It's Day 15 of my 71 day photo series in honor of my dear sweet Momma who passed away on 03.21.2016 after a harrowing 71 day health battle. Those 71 days do not define her. Oh no. What defines her — and me — are the incredible 66 years that she lived her life. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of the beautiful moments and memories of her life.