"Memories of Momma" — A 71 Day Photo Tribute (Day 16)



Fun fact: in the late 1980s, my parents had a short-lived side business as rabbit breeders. This was a kid's dream! Baby bunnies to cuddle with at a moment's notice!

My Dad was very handy and good at building things, so our backyard in Pulaski Pike was full of outdoor rabbit cages. I remember they were elevated high off the ground, at the time right above my eye level. The wood was grey, and each section was separated by chicken wire. I remember being my Mom's shadow whenever she would go out back to check on the bunnies. And of course I would beg her to let me bring them into the house.

I remember her teal outfit which brought out her green eyes. I also remember the outfit I was wearing. I think Mom made it for me to wear at school for Valentine's Day. I was pretty excited to wear the beaded heart necklace, too.

I think she was just as excited about the bunny rabbits as I was.  I remember her teaching me to be gentle with the bunnies. Maybe this is where I get my love of animals from.

*It's Day 16 of my 71 day photo series in honor of my dear sweet Momma who passed away on 03.21.2016 after a harrowing 71 day health battle. Those 71 days do not define her. Oh no. What defines her — and me — are the incredible 66 years that she lived her life. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of the beautiful moments and memories of her life.