"Memories of Momma" — A 71 Day Photo Tribute (Day 67)



On the day I took Mom for her first ever Alaska beachcombing adventure, we found about 30 bald eagles, hundreds of spawning salmon, and one penis-shaped rock. Yes, really.

In preparation for our little jaunt at low tide, I outfitted Momma in my blue rain jacket and clunky tall rain boots, which were about a size too big. Initially, she was hesitant to go down by the water, but it didn't take long for her to want a closer look.

Mom was terrified of slipping and falling on the rocks, so she took my arm in her arm, and we walked together ever so slowly. We were slow as snails. We walked down to the stream where there were flailing and flapping fish galore.

Momma would squeal whenever she'd get splashed with water, and she'd pause to look at the eagles soaring overhead. The golden hour sunset light illuminated everything, and we were so at peace, just the two of us.

It was one of the best memories ever. *It's Day 67 of my 71 day photo series in honor of my dear sweet Momma who passed away on 03.21.2016 after a harrowing 71 day health battle. Those 71 days do not define her. Oh no. What defines her — and me — are the incredible 66 years that she lived her life. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of the beautiful moments and memories of her life.