Talkin’ Tuesday: How to Speak Like an Alaskan

chee·cha·ko             [chee-chah-koh]

Noun:  anyone new to Alaska.

Example: “Did you see that broad over there tryin’ to walk on the ice with those pointy toed stilettos?  Cheechako!”

Not to be confused with the “Cheechako Dog” at the Spenard Roadhouse, which in my opinion is one of the best restaurants in Alaska.  Their Cheechako Dog is an Alaska Reindeer Polish sausage with tomato, stone ground mustard aioli, and nuclear relish.  Check out their “Polish and a Pint” special during Happy Hour (after 9pm) when you can get this beast feast for only $3 when purchasing your favorite pint of draft beer. 

Want contemporary comfort food in a sassy atmosphere?  Hit up the Spenard Roadhouse in Anchorage. 

My friend, Ben, demonstrates his excitement for the deal of the decade: the Spenard Roadhouse’s “Polish and a Pint.”  (Note the beard and flannel, trademarks of a typical Alaskan man!)